Mobicon Straddle Carriers: Service & Parts

Mobicon light-weight straddle carriers are designed for easy maintenance

Mobicon Straddle Carriers: Service and Spare Parts

Since 1994, Mobicon Systems has been committed to long-term customer partnerships and we see this as a foundation for our success. Our commitment to customer service is stronger than ever and we pride ourselves on personal service and support.

After Sales Support

We back up our quality statements and provide warranties on all new and used straddle carrier equipment. This includes parts and labour costs.
Whilst no special license is required to operate a Mobicon mini-straddle carrier, we do carry out comprehensive operator training with your team to ensure safe operation. Operator training can be carried out either onsite or online. Upon delivery we will also provide technical training to your local service agent in servicing and maintaining the Mobicon.

Servicing your Mobicon

Mobicon light-weight straddle carriers are designed for ease of maintenance, fuel efficiency and low cost of ownership.

  • A Mobicon straddle carrier only needs to be serviced every 250 hours or every six months.
  • Due to low axle weights, tyre costs are very low.
  • As the Mobicon is very light, fuel costs are much lower than forklifts and reach stackers.
  • Parts are chosen based on quality and local availability.
  • Servicing and most repairs can be carried out by any qualified forklift mechanic.
  • A comprehensive service and repair manuals are provided with each unit.
  • There are no expensive wire ropes to be greased and replaced.
  • Most components are very easily accessible from ground level.
  • Telephone support is available in remote locations to minimise downtime.
  • Technical training is provided to service agents upon delivery of a new Mobicon.
  • We have trained service agents all over the world.


Mobicon Systems can provide any spare parts that you may require over the lifetime of your mini-straddle carrier. Simply fill out our enquiry form or call the team on +61 7 3811 5046 and we will arrange to have them shipped to you. Alternatively, most of our components such as hoses, engine parts, hydraulic parts, and most steel parts, can be sourced locally.
All Mobicon light-weight straddle carriers used in remote locations are supplied with a selected spare parts package. Mobicon also advises clients in remote locations to invest 5% of the purchase price in spare parts.

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