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Turn your trucks around faster to save demurrage and waiting time. Pack containers where you want an.....


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Four axles means low axle loading. Less yard damage, saving large amounts on yard maintenance and co.....


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Hydraulic lift. No swinging of the load, very stable design, even on slopes and around corners. READ MORE

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Four load-equalising bogies and four-wheel steering. Bumps are evened out, meaning more comfort for .....


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Low capital outlay, low maintenance, fuel, and tyre costs. A Mobicon yard is much cheaper to constru.....

Let Our Container Handling Experience Help Your Business
Mobicon is the number one choice of light weight straddle carrier by many logistic companies, manufacturers, importers and exporters as well as the US Navy and Australian Customs.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“TOLL SPD originally acquired a Mobicon in 1999 as it was the only container handler available on the market that had the flexibility to handle all sized containers, including 48’ curtain-siders, and is designed with ideal wheel loadings suitable to our yards. We have since purchased another 4 Mobicons for our various depots, as this unit is still the only handler on the market capable of minimising on-site congestion as well as keeping our handling costs down.”

Kerry Quirk
Operations Manager

“Previously our docks were capable of unloading 2 containers on 2 trailers at any one time. We can now unload 4-5 containers at the same time which spreads our labour costs and increases our productivity”

Michael Miller
QLD State Manager

Instead of staff working at a trailer height of 1.5 metres, they are now working at a safe 300mm off the ground. This alone was a major contributing factor for the implementation of the Mobicon to this business.”

Wade Price
Customer Service Manager


With the number of workplace injuries caused by container handling equipment increasing, safety is paramount when handling heavy and unwieldy loads.

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  • April 22, 2024

Light on operating costs, even lighter on yard surfaces. Mobicon Systems is now supplying North America with the new category - light-weight container handlers - from Houston, Texas. Designed specifically for companies that do not deal with high-volume throughput – and the associated costs of heavy handling vehicles, light-weight straddle carriers are gaining in popularity.

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  • August 21, 2023

Mobicon takes an innovative approach in selecting their National BDM by choosing industry experience over sales experience, with Matt Agius...

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  • July 25, 2022


Mobicon Saves Cost by Improving Container Handling Workflow

Major Cost Savings+

Major Cost Savings

  • • A Mobicon is more cost-effective than other container handling options like forklifts, reach stackers & large straddle carriers.
  • • A Mobicon reduces the waiting time for the transporter, as it takes the container off the truck in minutes.
  • • Using a Mobicon eliminates hiring costs for sideloaders/self-loading trailers.


  • • Greater flexibility in where you can pack & unpack containers. A Mobicon will place the container where you want, close to your goods and even inside or under awnings, making packing and unpacking easier.
  • • Allows you to separate transport from operations. There is no need to divert staff to unpack/pack a container when a truck arrives. You decide when to unpack/pack the container.


  • • Mobicon’s are built for lifting and moving containers, and unlike forklifts have a very low centre of gravity so will not tip over.
  • • Reduces traffic in your yard or warehouse, with reduced forklift traffic and reduced risk of accidents.
  • • Empty or fill the container on the ground, not from at height. No need for loading docks or slippery loading ramps.


  • • Mobicon cabins are contained within the width of the unit. This means less chance of damaging the cabin, and less space required between containers.
  • • One and half, or two axle mini-straddle carriers cannot be used in regular yards as their wheel weight is too high. Increased yard reinforcement is required to withstand their weight or long-term structural damage will occur.
Mobicon ECO TF2
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