Improving Workplace Health & Safety with the Mobicon Light-Weight Straddle Carrier

Improving Workplace Health & Safety with the Mobicon Light-Weight Straddle Carrier

With the number of workplace injuries caused by container handling equipment increasing, safety is paramount when handling heavy and unwieldy loads.  Injuries and fatalities are most often caused by machinery collisions with people, and plant, incorrectly supported loads falling, and tipping over because of uneven loads, unstable work surfaces, and braking too hard or accelerating too quickly.  Workplace injuries and fatalities are most commonly caused by forklifts, with WorkSafe Australia reporting that on average there are 250 forklift related injury claims each year.  The transport, postal, and warehousing industries account for the most claims, followed by manufacturing, and wholesale trade.

As a business that specializes in container handling, Mobicon Systems understands the associated risks, investing a lot of time in the continued development of safety features included on the light-weight straddle carriers.  Tipping over is not an option when it comes to Mobicon light-weight straddle carriers.  Mobicon’s are designed with safety front of mind, ensuring complete stability even on uneven or unsealed surfaces.  Stability is guaranteed as light-weight straddle carriers are over the load, rather than being offset with a counterweight, whilst the symmetrical wheelbase and 4-axles make them uniquely rigid and light on the yard surface.  Crucially their pivoting bogeys and hydraulic levelling systems accommodate undulations in work surfaces ensuring a safe and smooth ride whatever the environment.

Unlike other light-weight straddle carriers Mobicon’s do not use wire ropes for the lifting of containers, eliminating the risk of a swinging load or rope breakages.  The locking and hydraulic lifting systems used on a Mobicon hold the container in place keeping it rigid at any height when the machine is in motion.  The remote lock twist system allows the operator to remain in the cabin and using external CCTV cameras and the cabin mounted monitor, can engage the twist-locks into the container, reducing foot traffic around the machine, and lessening the risk of collisions.  With machinery collisions with people and plant being one of the most common causes of workplace injuries, Mobicon Systems makes sure that the operator has an unimpeded view by positioning the engine down low, providing greater visibility when reversing and watching the placement of the container, whilst multiple cameras guarantee a 360-degree view around the machine.

Mobicon Systems is also tackling the high-risk workplace activity, working at heights. The Mobicon allows the operator to decide where, and at what height, to pack/unpack the container. Within minutes it takes the container off the back of a truck and transports it directly to where it is required, either inside or outside the warehouse. The container can be packed or unpacked on the ground, rather than at trailer height, reducing the risk of falls. It also eliminates the need for loading docks or slippery loading ramps. The steel industry has seen significant safety improvements since adopting the Mobicon.  Steel can be placed onto a flat rack; the Mobicon can then lift the rack directly onto the trailer.  There is no longer a need for loading frames or working at height.

In addition to the above, Mobicon light-weight straddle carriers include a multitude of additional safety features:

  • Motion detector camera system.
  • Automatic speed reduction when container is at height.
  • Dead man switch immediately shuts down operation of the drive system.
  • Door switches detect when door is not secure, and machine remains inoperative.
  • Steering angle is automatically reduced when driving at speed.
  • Emergency stop button in cabin ceases operation immediately.

Mobicon’s are used across a diverse range of industries, in many different operational and environmental settings.  Low entry ways and narrow aisles in warehousing, logistics and manufacturing; uneven and unsealed surfaces in mining, and even the hull of a defence force ship, our light-weight straddle carriers can traverse it all, making it a safe, flexible, and efficient materials handling solution.

As with the operation of any heavy machinery it is imperative that drivers are fully trained in the operation of a Mobicon. Comprehensive training sessions are carried out by a qualified Mobicon trainer, prior to the machine being operational onsite. For further information on how a Mobicon light-weight straddle carrier can benefit your business visit our website at  or call Matthew Agius (Australia) on 0493 478 709, or Jesse Schultz on +1 346 268 0952 (US)/ +61 427 575 722 (International).

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