Wrapping it Up!

Wrapping it Up!

On delivery to Best Bar’s operation in Truganina, Victoria, the client was so pleased that they wrote about the delivery in their latest newsletter. Below is an excerpt:

‘During the last week of May, Truganina has seen the arrival of our Mobicon Straddle lifter. It arrived on the back of a semi, wrapped up like a birthday present. It wasn’t long before it was unloaded and assembled. The Mobicon Technician commenced training with site personnel. There was no shortage of people volunteering to drive it. Over the next few days training went ahead smoothly, with all operators passing the Mobicon training.’

We’re so happy that Best Bar was pleased with their Mobicon delivery and trust that they are seeing positive changes in their operations with our machine on site. We enjoy partnering up with people who love our machines as much as we do!


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