Why Call it ECO?

Why Call it ECO?

Our newest range of Straddle Carriers are named ECO… but what is it about them that has earned them this moniker and do they live up to it?

When we introduced the new range in 2013 we stated that ECO stands for Economical and Ecological when you compare it to larger Straddle Carriers, Forklifts and Reach Stackers that are found in the market place today.

Of course the outstanding feature of the ECO Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier range is the 8-wheel configuration, which is similar to Mobicon’s original product, the 2T. Most industrial yards are designed for trucks and 5 Tonne forklifts. But as the wheel weights of a Mobicon are by far the lowest in the world, users can now handle containers on yard surfaces that other container handles will damage with their large wheel weights. This benefit is true for all Mobicon Systems’ products.

However, the ECO Mobicon range has modifications the 2T doesn’t that make it a little different and hence allowed us to give it its name.

The ECO Mobicon is aimed at a market looking for even more savings than are provided currently by the already economical original 2-Tower Mobicon when compared with traditional Forklifts.

This solution is an environmentally friendly alternative which uses less fuel than the original Mobicon, less steel is also used in the manufacture reducing the carbon footprint, and additionally each corner of the ECO has a load-sharing bogey and there are no grease points on the machine, it’s these points that allow the machine to hold up its ecological claim.

The ECO is of a simpler design, meaning costs were saved due to less moving parts and as a by product this machine is even more reliable than the original 2T. As a comparison, the 2T Mobicon uses 21 hydraulic cylinders, while the ECO-B only uses 8. Therefore, as well as the lower up front investment cost involved when purchasing one of these machines, the ECO will incur lower maintenance costs and no weekly greasing costs across its life – holding up the economical claim.

We see the ECO-B being used in operations that have a relatively low turnover of containers and where simplicity is required.

For any enquiries on how Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers can help with your container handling needs please contact us: sales@mobiconsystems.com


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