Who Are Mobicon’s Customers?

Who Are Mobicon’s Customers?

When most people think about the use of Straddle Carriers they assume that the industries and businesses that use them are primarily Ports and Harbours. They think first of the giant carriers lifting containers on and off enormous cargo ships, they think of companies whose primary business is moving containers.

However, although Mobicon Systems makes straddle carriers, these machines are the mini version of those you may see at a port or harbour. Much smaller and more manoeuvrable, but exactly who uses these machines? Who are Mobicon’s customers? The answer is; Companies whose primary business is moving the product into or out off the containers, not moving the containers themselves.

Therefore the industries that Mobicon Systems’ services are extremely broad and world wide. Mobicon’s are used in many industries including import and export, small ports, mining, customs and boarder security, logistics, manufacturing, steel and the defence forces. In fact Mobicon Systems have a long term contract with the United States Navy to manufacture and supply them with custom Mobicons for their Littoral Combat Ships program.

In businesses where space is at a premium but containers still need to be packed and unpacked, stored and despatched a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier is the perfect solution.

In cases where material needs to be kept secure, moved inside or under awnings etc the Mobicon 2T model can move these containers without the assistance of a truck or trailer, reducing reliance on transport companies. Trucks can be loaded and unloaded without the containers having to be unpacked while they wait, reducing costs in terms of trailer waiting times.

In yards where ground surfaces are not of a specific load bearing quality a Mobicon can be successful. The low wheel weights ensure that the Mobicon can move over concrete, hard packed ground or anywhere a truck can pass without causing damage to the yard surface. Unlike comparative Reach Stackers & Forklift trucks.

So the answer to the question; ‘Who are Mobicon’s clients’ is a simple one – it could be anyone who has a low throughput of containers whose main business is not the containers themselves but the contents’.  These businesses are what we can the ‘end user’, the receiver of a container who takes the contents and then sells it, despatches it, uses it in manufacture or many number of things.’




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