Things to consider when purchasing container handling equipment

Things to consider when purchasing container handling equipment

Obviously when you determine that your business would benefit from the purchase of a Container Handler or Mini Straddle Carrier the cost is first and foremost the main consideration. But in reality what are the main things you should be thinking about when purchasing a Container Handler?

1. The first is wheel weights. What’s that you ask? Often, when wheel weights are discussed, the term is confused with wheel pressure. But weight is the total number of kilograms and pressure is the kilograms per square centimeter. Road Authorities are always very concerned about wheel, or axle weights, as it is the axle weight that will damage a bridge, not the pressure. A machine with less wheels may have larger tyre to reduce the pressure the wheels put on the ground surface, but the wheel weight can still be very high.

So, how does this matter when purchasing a Container Handler? Well you need to consider the weight of the machine, plus the weight of the container and its contents and then determine whether your ground surface can handle it. Another consideration is whether the weight is evenly spread out over all the wheels, or concentrated on one axle like a Forklift or Reach Stacker. Many yard surfaces are not designed to take the weight of anything more than a transport truck and therefore when a Forklift or Reach Stacker carries a container across the yard, the weight on the fewer wheels of these machines causes surface damage. This can mean maintenance costs that you had not originally factored into the purchase of the machine.

2. The second thing to think about in the purchase of a Container Handler is safety. Is the machine sturdy? Is there any chance it might tip? Does the machine carry its load high off the ground? Do the drivers need to have specific qualifications before being able to operate it? Again this comes back to cost, if a machine tips over, drops the load, injures anyone or requires operators to be licenced prior to use these costs need to be factored into your purchase

3. The third thing to consider when you are purchasing a Container Handler is space. How much room do you have in your yard or depot for these machines to operate? Do you need to be able to stack containers close together as space is at a premium? Do you need your Container Handler to be able to work where space is restricted? This is another cost consideration but in this case you can think about the savings you might make by being able to make the most of your available space. Can the Container Handler you are looking at stack containers close together and is it maneuverable in small areas?

So you were right when you thought that cost was all you needed to consider when purchasing a container handling solution for your business but we often don’t realize exactly what’s involved in the cost of a purchase.

So, we hear you asking; Where do you find a machine that can cover off all of these considerations for you and not increase your costs?

Mobicon Systems’ range of Mini Straddle Carriers put a tick next to all of the above. No matter which model any concerns about wheel weights, safety or space are alleviated. After 20 years of manufacturing and selling our products to clients all over the globe we have learnt from our clients, and our products are tailor made to meet and exceed their expectations.

When asked why Mobicon Systems has so many satisfied clients owner and CEO Mr Tom Schults said there were many reasons, however four main reasons stand out;

  1. The Mobicon means less yard damage. The wheel weights are only half that of other Mini Straddle Carriers, so there is less pressure as the Mobicon moves across the yard. Unlike Forklifts or Reach Stackers, the weight of the container is evenly spread out over the 8 wheels of the Mini Straddle Carrier, resulting in a very low wheel weight.
  2. Safety; The operator cabin is safely away from the load, the container is carried only 30cm off the ground and in addition operators do not need Forklift licences in order to use the machines.
  3. We provide a space saving solution. The Mobicon is narrower than other Mini Straddle Carriers and containers can be placed closer together. The 2T Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier can even carry containers inside a building or under an awning, as it is only 4 meters high when carrying a container so our clients can pack and unpack containers inside, both freeing up yard space and getting stock out of the weather.

And finally to cover off the main concern when purchasing a Container Handler… Number 4. We save our clients money. The Mobicon provides savings on yard maintenance, safety considerations and provides clients with more space AND on top of all of these Mobicon’s Mini Straddle Carriers reduce truck turnaround times; clients pack containers faster while on the ground, they have less chassis tied up in their yard and work more efficiently as they decide when to pack or unpack a container, so they don’t need to wait for trucks to arrive.


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