Improve container handling operations by bringing containers inside your warehouse

Improve container handling operations by bringing containers inside your warehouse

There are many ways that a business may benefit from being able to bring their containers inside a building or under an awning at their operation.

One benefit is that the container can be placed closer to the production line for packing / unpacking. Where a Mini Straddle Carrier can remove the container off a truck and move through a warehouse door to place the container near the production line, operational efficiencies can be dramatically increased.

For those businesses where space is at a minimum, being able to store containers inside a building or out in the yard under an awning can allow for increased production and capacity again increasing efficiencies. Another benefit of bringing a container inside is security and damage prevention. Where goods are valuable, where security of a yard / depot is difficult to maintain, being able to lock a container inside a warehouse ensures for security of stock and a reduction in potential loss.

The final benefit is protecting the goods from the weather.  Placing a container inside, or just inside a door will prevent rain from damaging the goods while they are packed or unpacked. It can mean that goods can now be handled while previously the loading had to be interrupted because of bad waether.

But how many Mini Straddle Carriers can move a container inside a building, fit under an awning or warehouse door and still be light enough (while carrying a container) so as to not destroy the ground surface inside? Well we know of one! A Mobicon 2T Mini Straddle Carrier can do all of this for you!

Exclusive to the Mobicon 2T Mini Straddle Carrier design, is the fact that it can move inside and under awnings. Able to transport containers inside a building, the Mobicon is only around 4m high when carrying a container.

If you need to protect your product from the elements, increase your potential storage space or increase your production efficiencies then the 2T Mini Straddle Carrier from Mobicon is the right machine for your operation!

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