Understanding axle weights and why they matter

Understanding axle weights and why they matter

We know we tend to put a lot of emphasis on this topic but believe us, it’s important to understand Point Loads and how they can affect your business.

The main thing to understand when you’re talking about Point Loads is that it’s absolutely NOT the same things as Wheel Pressure. Where Pressure is the kilograms per square centimetre, Point Load is the TOTAL number of kilograms. This is a big difference. A machine with less wheels may have larger tyres to reduce the pressure the wheels put on the ground surface, BUT, the wheel weight (or point Load) of each tyre will still be very high. This explains why Road Authorities these days are increasingly concerned about wheel, or Point Loads. It is the Point Load that will damage road surfaces and bridges etc, not the pressure.

A simple way to explain the difference that we use with many of our new clients is as follows: A man weighing 80kg stands on a plank over a stream. If the maximum load the plank could take before breaking is 50kg, it does not matter if the man stands on the plank with one foot (high pressure) or with both feet (low pressure), the plank will still break and the result will be a very wet man! The same thing occurs with tyres on a road surface. High Point Loads mean that a concrete slab, or bitumen will be damaged, independent of whether the pressure is low or high.

Today there are Mini Straddle Carriers on the market that have 4 and 3 wheels. The wheels are large and therefore we are told that the pressure on the ground surface will be reduced. At Mobicon Systems we recognise the importance of having low Point Loads as we understand that the majority of clients in need of a mini straddle carrier don’t have reinforced ground surfaces and therefore our whole range of products all have 8 Point Loads, meaning that we reduce the Load Points of a comparative straddle carrier by half. The even distribution of load points across the 8 wheel configuration means that a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier has the lowest Point Loads in the world.

When purchasing a container handler is it is extremely important to consider the weight of the machine you’re looking at, plus the weight of the container and also the weight of its contents. You then need to determine whether your ground surface can handle all of that weight or whether you need to reduce it in order to prevent damage.

Most industrial yards are designed for trucks and 5 tonne forklifts moving across their concrete, bitumen, pavers or compacted gravel surfaces. Anything heavier than these machines will crack and destroy the ground surface. Because the Point Loads of a Mobicon ARE by far the lowest in the world, our clients can now handle containers on all of these yard surfaces where other container handlers with larger Point Loads will just cause damage and incur large repair and maintenance costs. Any ground surface suitable for a truck or trailer is normally suitable for a Mobicon.

So now we hope you understand why the Point Loads are so very important to us and to our clients!

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