Mobicon mini-straddle carrier operator training

Mobicon mini-straddle carrier operator training

How easy is it to learn to operate a Mobicon?

Generally there is a lot of training and certification involved when a new operator is introduced to a container handler of any size. With a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier the induction is easy and painless as in most countries there is no license required to operate our machines.

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Due to the simplicity of operation of a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier operators are given a 3-hour handover (spread over 3 days) where training by a Mobicon consultant on site occurs.  During this period theoretical and practical training is conducted until the operators are more than competent with the operation.

The last hour of training is a practical test, whereby the trainer checks the practical knowledge or the operator. After that, a theoretical test is conducted, to test the operator mainly on his knowledge of safely operating the Mini Straddle Carrier. On passing both tests, the operator will be given a certificate of attendance of training, with a copy for the company for their files.

This handover is a standard service from Mobicon Systems to ensure that all new customers are well trained in the technical operation of the  machines and that they understand all of the safety issues involved.

In addition to the operation of the machine itself, training is also conducted in the loading and unloading of containers dependent on the model of Mobicon that has been purchased.

With regards to the Two Tower 2T, there are no chains involved and the operator couples the Mini Straddle Carrier to the corner castings of the container to be able to lift it and then uncouple when the container has been put in place.

For the ECO, where chains are involved there is additional safety training when connecting the chains to the bottom corner castings.

With the ECO TF machines there is no need for the operator to exit the cabin at all in order to carry a container as the machine connects to the top of the container by the spreader at the top of the container.

Regardless of the type of Mobicon you purchase, complete and in depth training will be carried out to ensure every operator is completely competent in its use. But it’s nice to bear in mind that this training doesn’t involve any additional certification or licensing, allowing many companies to have many more capable users in their employ!

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