Mini-straddle carrier sales on the rise

Mini-straddle carrier sales on the rise

Since Mini Straddle Carriers were introduced to the market the take up has steadily increased across many industries internationally as business owners and operations managers realised the efficiencies that could be gained by having one (or many) on site.

Before they were available companies had to rely on heavy forklifts and reach stackers to take containers on and off trucks, or they had to pay waiting time to transport companies while the containers were unpacked or packed while the container was on the vehicle. Side loaders were also an option, although very expensive and inflexible because the container could not be moved after it was dropped off.

There was also the danger of damage to yard surfaces that were not built to take the weight of a heavy forklift or reach stacker.

When the Mini Straddle Carrier entered the market all of this changed. These machines were cheaper to buy and maintain, had lower wheel weights and reduced waiting times of transport vehicles. They also offered many more benefits over older methods, such as the ability for the client to move the containers once on site, and even bring containers inside a warehouse for efficient packing or unpacking.

Mobicon Systems produced their first Mini Straddle Carrier in the mid 1990s and now have multiple products in their range to suit any industry. Where an end user of containers needs a container handler, Mobicon Systems has the product to suit.

Mobicon’s original model Mini Straddle Carrier has two towers; the rear tower lifts the rear of the container, while the front tower lifts the front of the container. Therefore they call this the 2T (2Tower) Mobicon. This 2T Mobicon excels in the ability to bring containers inside buildings; no other container handler can go under a 4m doorway but Mobicon’s 2T. It can also handle bolsters or flat racks, as the arms lock into the bottom corner castings, so you do not need the top corner casting for lifting. As they use arms instead of chains, the load will not swing like it will when moved by a straddle carrier that uses chains.

The Mobicon 2T is extremely unique in both looks and skill and with this in mind Mobicon have designed further models in their range that are more like the conventional straddle carriers people are used to.  They call the new range – the ECO Series, where ECO stands for Economic and Ecological when compared with the larger Straddle Carriers, Forklifts and Reach Stackers on the market.

The outstanding feature of the ECO Mobicon range is the 8-wheel configuration, which is similar to the 2T Mobicon. Most industrial yards are designed for trucks and 5 Tonne forklifts. Because the wheel weights of a Mobicon are by far the lowest in the world, users can now handle containers on yard surfaces that other container handles will damage with their large wheel weights.

The first model in the ECO Series is the ECO-Bottom Lift (ECO-B).  It uses chains, and hooks are connected to the bottom corner castings of the container to move it. This configuration is simple and easier for potential clients to operate.

The second Model in the ECO Range is an ECO Mobicon supplied with a Top-Spreader (ECO-TF), either a fixed 20′ or 40′ or telescopic 20-40. With this model the operator does not have to leave the cabin to connect and disconnect the container. This Top lifter will be faster and safer than the ECO-B as no chains need to be connected, avoiding the need for the operator to bend over and manhandle chain-hooks. Mobicon use the Swedish made ELME spreaders, as they are world renowned for their quality and low maintenance products.

The third model in the ECO range is an ECO with a top spreader that can stack containers one over one or two high (ECO-TF2).

As is evidenced by the increasing sales, the use of Mini Straddle Carriers in many industries around the world is increasing. More and more businesses are realising the cost and time savings they can benefit from with these machines and Mobicon Systems is happy to work with you to ensure you see these benefits first hand.

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