Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers A Cost Effective Solution To Container Handling

  • Safe as houses

    The unique design of the Mobicon Straddle Carrier has many advantages over traditional container handling methods such as forklifts. Being loaded from the bottom and with no risk of tipping, the Mobicon Straddle Carrier ensures the safety of your team.

  • No limits

    Mobicon’s container handling equipment can handle tight situations like no other can. With low clearance and a low wheel weight, our Mobicons suit almost every work environment.

  • Automony

    When you own a Mobicon you can unload, load and move your containers wherever, and whenever you need to.

  • Time is money

    Apart from low investment and low fuel costs, the cost benefits of a Mobicon Straddle Carrier extend even further. Our straddle carriers are highly manoeuvrable, minimising the time you need to spend ‘on the wheel’.



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More about Mobicon Systems

The Mobicon Straddle Carrier is a unique two-tower machine designed to lift and move shipping containers.  When no container is being carried, the two towers are connected by draw-bars. When a container is being moved, the rear tower carries the rear of the container, and the front tower carries the front of the container. This way, the container becomes part of the Straddle Carrier structure. The benefits of this design suit a huge variety of work environments, from transport & logistics through to manufacturers & mining.

See it in action

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"The Mobicon's flexibility in handling different sized containers, its unique low axle weights plus its ability to minimise on-site congestion and reduce handling costs are the reasons we have purchased 5 for our yards since 1999!"