Second-Gen Delivers so Much More

Second-Gen Delivers so Much More

The next generation of container handling equipment is here with Mobicon Systems’ second generation of the hugely popular 2HL light-weight straddle carrier. First released in 2016, the 2HL was favoured for its low axle weight, hydraulic lifting system, and ability to lift containers two high, whilst also being low enough to go under awnings and into warehouses.

Now, in a move to continue the 2HL’s success in a rapidly changing business environment, Mobicon Systems’ CEO, Jesse Schultz explains how the new model now boasts high manoeuvrability, safety, and operator comfort. “There are several changes that we have made to improve the operating safety of the 2HL. In the second-generation model, we have placed the engine lower down, ensuring greater visibility for the operator when reversing and watching the placement of the container both on and off the truck. With an ergonomically designed cabin and control system, and larger windows, the cabin is designed for increased operator comfort whilst simultaneously improving safety. With a tighter turning circle, the next generation 2HL has improved manoeuvrability allowing for greater flexibility when required to work in smaller spaces.”

The Australian based business has been designing and manufacturing light-weight straddle carriers for over 25 years and is constantly looking to innovate and improve on current systems. All Mobicon light-weight straddle carriers are designed for businesses from low to high throughput and are sought after by a diverse range of industries including, transport, warehousing, steel, defence, and construction.  They are popular because they increase productivity, efficiency, and safety, all while streamlining operations, but arguably the biggest reason is their low axle weight. The unique 4-axle design gives Mobicon carrier the lowest axle weight of any light-eight straddle carrier, meaning that – unlike competitors – they won’t damage the average yard surface.

The hydraulic lifting systems eliminate wire rope breakage; decrease maintenance costs and downtime, prevent swinging of the load, and increase lifting efficiency and reliability. With safety being paramount to all businesses, all Mobicon models feature a remote twist lock system, meaning the operator has no need to leave the cabin to attach the container whilst cameras assist them to guide the lock into place.

For those interested in seeing the 2HL Mobicon in action, Mobicon Systems have ligh-weight straddle carriers in operation around the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Asia, and Europe. For a demonstration or further information on how a Mobicon light-weight straddle carrier can streamline your operations, contact Mobicon Systems (Australia) on +61 3811 5049 or email


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