Safe Work Month

Safe Work Month

Safe Work Month

It’s time to commit to a safe and healthy workplace, with Safe Work Australia encouraging workers to, “Think Safe, Work Safe, Be Safe” as part of Work Safe Month.

Think safe—is the first step to thinking about work health and safety, which covers the planning and forethought that workers and business owners must do to identify risks and maintain healthy and safe workplaces.

Work safe—is about implementing work health and safety measures to manage risks including the practical steps you can take to reduce risk and avoid workplace incidents.

Be safe—considers the ongoing process of managing and monitoring work health and safety risks – it is not a one off.

Being healthy and safe at work means being free from physical and psychological harm.  No one should feel unsafe at work, and a safe workplace benefits everyone.  This month and every month commit to a safe workplace by planning and implementing workplace health and safety procedures.

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