Mobicon Straddle Carriers ECO range

Mobicon Straddle Carriers ECO range


The ECO Mobicon has been introduced to our range for customers looking for a simpler container handling solution. This Straddle Carrier is more suited to those companies that have a  relative low container throughput.

The ECO Series is Mobicon’s Ecological and Economical model – a lower purchase price plus no grease points and less fuel consumption allows this Straddle Carrier to provide those benefits to the market.

The ECO is of a simpler design, meaning less moving parts and therefore increased reliability. And as well as the lower up front investment cost, the ECO will incur lower maintenance costs and no weekly greasing costs.

Mobicon’s ECO has additional benefits that include a lower engine which is more accessible for maintenance, excellent visibility as the operator can look ‘under’ the container while driving and a lower cabin, removing the need for the operator to do any climbing.


We really are so happy to present this new model to the market. For more information on this brand new product as well as the other services offered by Mobicon Systems please +61 7 3811 5049 or email us at

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