Wire Industries Purchase New Mobicon 2T

Wire Industries Purchase New Mobicon 2T

Wire Industries has purchased a new Mobicon 2T for its Brisbane manufacturing operation after an extensive search for the right container handling machine to meet its requirements.

“We purchased the Mobicon 2T for its 8 Point Load design. It was the only machine on the market that provided the capability to lift flat racks at a capacity of 35 tonnes, but still evenly spread the Load Points enough so the machine won’t break up our facilities foundations.

“Wire Industries has grown to become one of Australia’s leading suppliers of reinforcing steel products and services, and as our business grows, we are concerned with acquiring the right machinery that not only allows us to maximise our space, but is also cost effective to operate.

“During our research we found most container handlers on the market only have 4 Point Loads, which places double the load on the yard, and even though some brands claim that placing dual wheels on each corner will lessen the damage – this is not the case,” said Mark Ranie, manager of Wire Industries QLD.

“The Mobicon 2T allows us to load/secure stock on transiflats at ground level, which is far safer and quicker than loading trailers, and we have eliminated our need for sideloader pickups which has saved us money on every delivery. It also gives us the flexibility to bring stock inside out of the weather, and separate our transport from our operations as we can have our transit load waiting in advance reducing our truck waiting times.”

Tom Schults Managing Director of Mobicon Systems said: “The 2T’s capability of lowering its height to just under four meters, allowing it to move under most awnings, and also being able to operate in a space as small as a five-metre-wide laneway, makes it perfect for the type of operation that Wire Industries is running.

“Coupled with the fact that the average industrial yard in Australia is generally made out of 200mm concrete with one layer of steel reinforcement, or the equivalent bitumen (which is the case at Wire Industries), basically means only a 8 Point Load Mini Straddle Carrier, such as the 2T, is suitable for this surface as its four axles ensure the load is spread evenly enough not to crack or damage the foundation, saving users the cost of a yard resurfacing.”



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