Mobicon ECO model well received in Australia and overseas

Mobicon ECO model well received in Australia and overseas

Since the launch of the ECO range of Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers in late 2013 the excitement about them both nationally and internationally has been astounding.

Companies within Australia and the Netherlands have responded enthusiastically to the ECO offering and are extremely pleased with their purchase of the new ECO TF (Top Frame) models.

The ECO Mobicon range was introduced for customers searching for a simpler container handling solution. Mobicon’s most Ecological and Economical models the ECO range sits at a lower purchase price and there are no grease points and less fuel consumption with these models.

The second Straddle Carrier Model in the Mobicon ECO Range is supplied with a Top-Spreader, either a fixed 20′ or 40′ or telescopic 20-40. This model is called the ECO-TF where TF stands for Top Frame. In this Straddle Carrier model the operator does not have to leave the cabin to connect and disconnect the container. Faster, and the safest model in the ECO range, the ECO-TF does not use chains to connect the container, avoiding the need for the operator to bend over and manhandle chain-hooks. Mobicon uses the Swedish made ELME spreaders for these machines, as they are world renowned for their quality and low maintenance products.

Maintaining the same low wheel weights and high quality components of the original Mobicon models we are proud that the ECO is being so well received in the marketplace.

Mobicon are thrilled to present their ECO Range to the logistics industry. For more information on this brand new product as well as the other services offered by Mobicon Systems please visit, phone +61 7 3811 5049 or email us at

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