Mobicon Systems – Safer More Reliable Straddle Carriers

Mobicon Systems – Safer More Reliable Straddle Carriers

Here at Mobicon Systems, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products with the emphasis on safety and usability. In a market that’s constantly changing, and plenty of high quality competition, we’ve consistently proven ourselves to be one of the leading light-weight straddle carrier manufacturers in Australia and abroad.

How do we attain, and maintain this success? Well, it’s the smaller details that affect the bigger picture. It starts with our design teams who regularly meet up to discuss fresh ideas, engage in constructive debate, assess client feedback and brainstorm solutions to the issues that have been outlined. Any system can be improved, and we make it a top priority to ensure that we consistently stay ahead of the curve.

A great example of this process in action, was when our team were engineering the Mobicon Top Frame. The Top Frame design stacks containers two high,  one on top of the another, so safety and fault tolerance was top of our list. After deliberation, the design team suggested that we move away from a construction that features wire ropes and sheaves. The reasoning behind this is that wire ropes require regular servicing and need to be replaced at regular intervals. The same can be said for the sheaves, which require an additional check on their bearings with each service. This simply wouldn’t cut it. Aside from the fact that the operational costs would be higher, and downtime due to servicing would increase costs, the safety of the operator and the straddle carrier trucks immediate surroundings could be affected if a malfunction were to occur.

The logical solution to this problem was to create a system that ran on 100% hydraulic power – two hydraulic cylinders per corner; one lifting the top frame, and the other lifting the container spreader. This system allows us to operate more safely, and efficiently, since machine downtime is drastically decreased and the chances of something malfunctioning are effectively minimized. Ever since we implemented this design, our Mobicon Top Frame straddle carrier truck has proven to be a huge success – proving that our internal design process works as intended.

These are just some of many processes that happen everyday here at Mobicon Systems, and it’s something that we aim to continue for as long as we exist, and to further refine into something better, year by year.

If you’d like any information on the sorts of solutions we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us through +61 7 3811 5049, or alternatively visit our Contact Us Page.

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