Mobicon able to accommodate flat racks not just traditional containers

Mobicon able to accommodate flat racks not just traditional containers

Often we are asked the question… can a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier carry anything other than a container? And we are happy to say that the answer is YES!

The Mobicon 2T is uniquely designed so that it can carry an array of products including 20’ and 40’ containers as well as products such as bolsters or flat-racks.

The flat-rack solution was designed specifically for those customers who need items moved that cannot be transported via container due to a number of reasons. Additionally, customers who have issues with loading and unloading at height (directly onto or off the back of a truck bed) are ideally suited to using a flatbed solution. And finally, customers who need to store materials while waiting for transport need the space saving solution that flatbeds can offer.

We often see companies trying to work around these difficulties. They go so far as to build platforms to pull a trailer up to so that the operator can load the material from a level area, however these work arounds carry issues of their own. There is additional cost involved as well as the space issues it can cause, and unfortunately there is no safety guarantee, these loads can still topple injuring the operator from his elevated platform.

So the obvious solution is a material handler that can place flat-racks at ground level and move and store them without the use of a trailer. And that solution is a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier.  There are other options on the market that can manage flat-racks however, these machines use chains to secure to, and carry the flatracks which means that the load will swing potentially damaging the products being carried and also dramatically increasing the possibility of injury. Chains and Fingers DO NOT MIX!

With the Mobicon 2T Mini Straddle Carrier there are no chains as the 2T attaches itself in the side holes of the container corner castings. A brilliant solution and one that has been tried and tested by customers of ours in the Steel Reinforcing Industry and more.


We are happy to provide a solution that doesn’t restrict our customers and one that goes so far as to prevent issues with their materials handling. Thinking outside the box is what got Mobicon to where it is today and we would love to assist you with your materials handling.

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