Mobicon’s Away!

Mobicon’s Away!

Here are just a few of the deliveries that we’ve had on the go!

In early May we delivered a Mobicon Straddle Carrier to Mars pet Foods in Woodonga.

We followed this up with one shipped over to Boral in Perth.

Towards the end of May we delivered Best Bar their new machine to their Melbourne location (they already have a Mobicon for their Perth operation).

Then on the 1st of July we delivered a new Mobicon to Redox Chemicals in Adelaide to go with the 2 other machines they already own at their Sydney and Melbourne locations!

And last but not least, work has also been started on the next machine headed over to the US for their Littoral Combat ships – this is a long term relationship and in the coming months a team from Mobicon will be heading to the States to re-wire their current machines due to changes in US Navy requirements.

So as you can see we are definitely keeping ourselves busy around here at the moment!

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