Mobicon Systems’ Revamped Online!

Mobicon Systems’ Revamped Online!

Since the company was launched by Owner and Managing Director Tom Schults in 1994, Mobicon Systems Pty Ltd has moved from strength to strength providing solutions to the logistics industry all over the globe.

Mobicon System’s success has come from an incredible referral base developed almost solely from the exceptional product on offer. The company itself has invested sparsely in direct advertising but has grown regardless into a well known entity firstly in it’s home country of Australia and secondly throughout the world.

In 2012, Mr Schults decided that it was now time to launch the company and the product properly onto the world stage. In order to go beyond a referral base and tell the world about his fantastic product, Mr Schults determined that updating the company’s online presence was the most important way to engage more clients looking for a unique container handling solution.

To that end the ‘renovation’ of the Mobicon Systems website began in early 2013. Website build and marketing experts were consulted in order to ensure maximum exposure with excellent visitor usability. And in April 2013, Mobicon System’s brand new website was launched.

Displaying world’s best practice in terms of optimization, navigation, and enquiry is a spectacular site that takes a traditionally cold and mechanical product and makes it ‘sexy’.

Visit and enjoy a trip through the history of the company followed by excellent product information and client testimonials all around improving productivity for your company.

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