Mobicon Systems – Introducing the BRAND NEW ECO!!!

Mobicon Systems – Introducing the BRAND NEW ECO!!!

After much success providing solutions to the logistics industry worldwide with the original Two-Tower Model (Mobicon 2T), owner and CEO Tom Schults set about developing a new model that would cater to a slightly different customer, opening up the Mobicon Systems offering to a much broader audience.

With a background in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering as well as Fleet Management, Tom is in a unique position, understanding the needs of large logistics companies in terms of how their containers are handled, loaded and unloaded.

Tom and Mobicon Systems recognised the market demand for different types of Straddle Carriers. And so the ECO Range has been brought to market. With the same low wheel weight of the original Mobicon 2T the ECO has a few other modifications.

The ECO Mobicon is aimed at a market looking for even more savings than are provided currently by the already economical 2T when compared with traditional Forklifts. The ECO is more suited to companies that have a relative low container throughput. This solution is also an environmentally friendly alternative using less fuel than comparative models, and having no grease points

The ECO is of a simpler design, meaning less moving parts and therefore increased reliability. And as well as the lower up front investment cost, the ECO will incur lower maintenance costs and no weekly greasing costs.

With increased maneuverability while carrying a 20’ container, the ECO’s other benefits include a lower engine which is more accessible for maintenance, excellent visibility as the operator can look ‘under’ the container while driving and a lower cabin, removing the need for the operator to do any climbing.

Mobicon are thrilled to present their ECO Range to the logistics industry. For more information on this brand new product as well as the other services offered by Mobicon Systems please visit, phone +61 7 3811 5049 or email us at

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