The importance of preventative maintenance checks to your straddle carrier

The importance of preventative maintenance checks to your straddle carrier

Tom Schults, Managing Director Of Mobicon Systems said;

“In the 25 years that Mobicon have been making light-weight straddle carriers, I have never known a client who takes the view on maintenance ‘If it’s not broken, it’ll be fine’, to come out on top in the cost department. While it may save money in the short term to skip maintenance checks, it will always end up costing them more in the long run’.

‘The advantages of preventative maintenance checks include: improved reliability of the machine, less downtime during the busiest and often most profitable time for the business, improved safety, and lower overall M & R Costs. A machine that is regularly well maintained will also last longer, and is more cost efficient”.

Mr Schults continues, “Another question we also ask at this time of year is, ‘does the container handler we currently use best fit our purpose, and it is right for our yard?’

‘For example there could be an alternative machine on the market that can do the same job, and will be more efficient to run in terms of costs, such as petrol or tyre replacement which leads to huge savings over a year.’

‘Fully understanding what a machine will cost your operation in the long term should always be considered. So often we talk to clients who like the look of machines with a three wheel design, however the reality is the concrete in their yard is not designed to take the weight of a three wheeler, and within months (sometimes only weeks) they would be looking at a huge bill to fix their foundations as the machine has made a mess of the yard. Knowing what options are available and are suitable, can save huge repair bills and the cost of downtime when a new yard has to be laid”.

Although most of the maintenance tips below are common sense, spending time on preventative maintenance is best practice from a cost perspective and safety point of view.

Below is a checklist for operations to consider to ensure a profitable lead up to Christmas.

General Maintenance
Servicing the Engine – Oil, Fuel, Air Filters & Change Sump Oil
Check the Engine Fan Belt for tension and check for wear. Replace if needed
Grease all Nipples and Gliders – refer to the operators manual for instructions
Catch up on any outstanding repairs
Wash Down The Machine – operators tend to treat tidy equipment better!

Check your tyres for excess or uneven wear. Wheel rotation (Front to Rear on each tower) is the perfect way to extend your tyre life and ensure even wear. Also check the wear does NOT exceed the wear line on the tyre.

Electrics /Systems
Check that all of the operational & warning lights are functioning correctly. Also check the camera system for any faults.

Keeping the moving parts of any machine well-lubricated is essential:
Fix any oil leaks
Ensure all hoses are well secured
Book in a system oil sample test (inexpensive test $35 + postage – could potentially save thousands)

Are all of your operators trained properly to operate your container handling machine? Are they driving/treating the equipment in a way that will ensure the most efficient performance from the machine?

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Established in 1994, Mobicon Systems designs and manufactures light-weight straddle carriers that provide cost effective, quick and reliable container handling solutions. Suitable for a wide variety of terrains, the Mobicon’s unique 4 axle design is the only light-weight straddle carrier on the market today recognised by civil engineers not to damage the average yard. Mobicon’s are used all over the globe in industries such as defence,customs, ports, logistics, mining and import/export operations who require fast and efficient container handling operations. Mobicon light-weight straddle carriers are a safer, and more cost effective solution than forklifts or side loaders and are durable, easy to use, and provide superior manoeurvrability Mobicons most popular models include the TF2 which can stack one on one, and uses an ElME spreader to lift the containers meaning the driver does not have to exit the cabin. Plus the 2T which can go anywhere including under awnings and be used in small

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