Mobicon Mini-Straddle Carrier sold into Holland

Mobicon Mini-Straddle Carrier sold into Holland

When Mobicon Systems visited Germany in April to attend the pre-launch of CeMAT, little did they think that they would walk away having sold a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier into Holland!

While presenting Mobicon’s products to the visitors at the pre-launch, Mobicon’s Managing Director, Tom Schults had arranged to meet Amanda and Michel Kramer of Kramer Transport who were in the market for a mini straddle carrier for their business. During their discussions Tom explained how a Mobicon Mini Straddle carrier differs from a Reach Stacker and the benefits it provides by having the lowest wheel weights in the world and from there began the process of Mobicon’s Dutch sale!

Michel Kramer started Kramer transport in the year 2000 as a self-driver. Michel rented himself and his truck and trailer to other companies. In 2002 Michel sold his original truck and purchased a new black and silver model that in 2005 won the Most Beautiful Truck in Holland competition!

Michel has been driving containers since 2004. In 2007 Michel’s wife Amanda joined the company as it was rapidly expanding (with another 2 trucks in the fleet and 8 trailers), and with 6 original clients Kramer Transport then employed contract drivers with their trucks and trailers.

In 2008 Kramer Transport weathered issues with the economy by downsizing and keeping costs low and by the end of 2009 their client base was building which allowed the purchase of a new truck that Michel customised in the theme of the xXx movie. Then for the second time, in 2012, this new truck won Michel the Most Beautiful Truck in Holland competition!


Now Kramer Transport runs 13 trucks and 32 trailers. They feel that it is important to remain small enough to really know their drivers and maintain a family culture within the business.

To be able to service their clients in the best and fastest ways possible, ensure the survival of the self-driver industry in Holland and preserve their family culture, Kramer Transport decided to look at alternatives. First considering a reach stacker they found that the ground was not hard enough to take the weight so they went in search of other ideas. One of the Kramer drivers had seen a Minicarrier and brought the idea to the Kramers and that evening Michel found Mobicon Systems online, filled in the enquiry form, made an appointment to meet with Tom who by coincidence was in Holland at that time and the rest was history!

Mobicon Systems and the range of 4 axle – 8 wheel Mini Straddle Carriers was able to provide solutions for all of the operational issues the Kramers needed to overcome and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with Kramer Transport going forward.

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