Mobicon and ELME Spreaders – Providing the best quality.

Mobicon and ELME Spreaders – Providing the best quality.

Mobicon Systems offers a ‘Mini’ Straddle Carrier solution to customers who need to handle containers while conducting their core business. That is to say: moving containers is not their core business, but they use containers to transport their goods. Therefore the Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier is designed specifically as a mini version of the large machines that come to mind on ports and harbours, it is a much smaller machine designed to work successfully in a smaller operation with limited space.

Mobicon’s first product, the Two-Tower or 2T Mobicon is unlike anything else on the market and with its ability to move inside buildings and possessing the lowest wheel weights in the world, customers are thrilled with the efficiencies this machine has brought to their operations.

Beyond this Mobicon is now developing an additional range of Mini Straddle Carriers. These new machines are Mobicon’s ECO range where ECO stands for Economy and Ecology. Although the ECO range is unable to move inside a building, they are proving to be extremely popular with benefits including simple configuration, a lower price than the 2T while still maintaining the unique 8 wheel configuration.

Some of the ECO models in the new range use a Top Spreader in either fixed 20’ or 40’ or a telescopic 20-40’ and others with the Top Spreader can stack containers two high. These models allow the operator to stay in the cabin to connect and disconnect the container, meaning that they will be safer and faster than other machines.

To ensure the highest quality for these new ECO models Mobicon have partnered with ELME. The largest independent spreader manufacturer in the world, since 1974, ELME has been a dedicated manufacturer of spreaders for the handling of containers. Based in Sweden with operations world wide, ELME provides historically reliable spreaders and its high quality engineering and manufacturing is present throughout their wide range of spreaders.

This reliability and quality are the reasons that Mobicon Systems has determined that moving forward all spreaders used within their range of Mini Straddle Carriers will be exclusively manufactured by ELME.

A spreader is forced to endure a lot of use, and only the best will do for Mobicon and their clients around the globe. Mobicon’s policy is high quality at a reasonable price, as there is no compromising on materials within a Mobicon product.

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