Mobicon mini-straddle carriers used in the steel industry

Mobicon mini-straddle carriers used in the steel industry

Moving material such as reinforced steel can often be a complicated, dangerous and difficult task for businesses to manage.

These issues include the danger of an operator orgainising the loading of material onto a trailer from the ground, where the material (aptly named ‘ugly freight’) can often topple from the trailer causing injury or at the very least, needing to be replaced multiple times to have it sit correctly. In addition many steel manufacturers face the issue of storing steel when a delivery is pushed back or delayed as is often the case in construction. This sees the need for multiple trailers to be hired to hold the material until it can be delivered, incurring massive costs.

We often see companies trying to work around these difficulties. They go so far as to build platforms to pull a trailer up to so that the operator can load the material from a level area, however these work arounds carry issues of their own. There is additional cost involved as well as the space issues it can cause, and unfortunately there is no safety guarantee, these loads can still topple injuring the operator from his elevated platform.

So what is the solution? A material handler that can load flat packs at ground level and move and store them without the use of a trailer. Simple, right? But do such machines exist?




Mobicon Systems’ original 2T Mobicon, the first product developed in the Mobicon offering can do all of these things, ensuring a smooth operation without additional and ongoing costs.

Mobicon provided a specific solution for the Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC) when they were looking to solve a number of site problems within their QLD, Australia location. ARC had around 40 owned trailers and were taking around 25-30 deliveries daily.

Their operators were working at height, using loading frames and harnesses while loading containers. In addition there was a lot of capital tied up in trailers and the space the trailers took up was an issue in the yard, and the timing and delay of deliveries was a particular issue here also which often made the hiring of more trailers necessary increasing costs to an unacceptable level.

ARC needed to ensure the safety of its operators, reduce the need for trailers, improve production and reduce waiting times, and increase yard space and Mobicon Systems had the solution.

ARC purchased a 2T Mobicon in conjunction with a set of 50+ container bases (flat racks) which enabled them to load on the ground, therefore no operators were working at height. ARC then sold 25+ trailers, increased their space as the flat racks could be stacked when empty, reduced transport costs by not having to pay waiting times and improved production.

The cost savings across the site and most importantly the increased safety across all areas were so convincing that since purchasing the initial Mobicon, ARC has purchased a total of 5 Mobicons for their various national locations.

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