How can Mobicon container handling solutions reduce your bottom line?

How can Mobicon container handling solutions reduce your bottom line?

Mobicon’s Mini Straddle Carrier is developed to increase the productivity of your yard operations in relation to container handling, while simultaneously avoiding wear and tear of your yard surface. The Mobicon can play an essential role in keeping your maintenance down. It is a highly productive solution at the forefront of modern design and the latest in container handling operations.

Unlike container forklift trucks or reach stackers which have huge Point Loads that can break up the ground surface in a depot, the weight of the container is evenly spread out over the 8 Point Loads of the Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier, resulting in a very low Load Points.

The low Point load of the Mobicon Container Handlers mean that it can work on most concrete, bitumen, pavers or compacted gravel surfaces. In fact the same surfaces that are suitable for a truck or trailer are normally suitable for the Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers, meaning it is an adaptable piece of machinery while also being very maneuverable.

A Mobicon Straddle Carrier improves productivity in yard operations with regards to container handling to a significant extent.  By using a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier, customers can separate their production/warehousing operations from transport operations ensuring continued flow of production. The transport company simply delivers the container, which is unloaded by the Mobicon Container Handler. The Mobicon Straddle Carrier then places another container on the truck/trailer so the truck can leave within a few minutes. The unloading and loading of the container is done safely and efficiently, with minimal risk.

The Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier then places the container anywhere in the yard and only brings it close (or inside) the warehouse when it is needed. Waiting time for transporters is reduced, and the production is not forced to pack or unpack a container to the time schedule of the transporter, but can do this when it suits them.

Beyond the above benefits that may have a direct affect on a customer’s bottom line, the Mobicon Straddle Carrier also allows a customer to make their yard operations more environmentally friendly. As the most environmentally friendly container handling solution in the market, the Mobicon uses less fuel and its light frame uses less steel during manufacture ensuring a lower carbon footprint for client operations than that of reach stackers and heavy forklifts.

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