The first ever Mobicon mini-straddle carrier

The first ever Mobicon mini-straddle carrier

Sometimes in looking forward constantly it’s easy to forget where you started. And today we think that it’s important to celebrate our roots and want to tell you the story of our very first Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier.

Tom Schults started Mobicon Systems in 1994 when, after years of working in transport, he determined that there had to be a better and more efficient way of moving containers. What followed was much market research, trials and tests, modifications and changes until the first finished Mobicon 2T Mini Straddle Carrier was ready for market in 1997.

At this point, Tom spoke to contacts from his days at F&H Handling in Queensland about trialling the machine in their yard. They agreed, and after 2 weeks they were so pleased with their results that they didn’t want to let it go. They bought the machine there and then and to date Tom recalls it as the easiest sale he has ever made!

F&H Handling kept the machine and used it successfully for almost 5 years. At this point it was sold to a broccoli farm in Queensland in July 2002. This farm dealt with many refrigerated containers and at harvest time each year the Mobicon became the most important piece of machinery assisting in the quick transfer of newly filled containers onto transport and out to market.

The Mobicon was then purchased by the NFK group in Toowoomba QLD in 2009. The NFK Group purchased the machine with a view to on-sell it but first used the Mobicon for 2 years on site for their container handling of tools, accessories and Architectural Hardware.

In July 2011 The NFK Group sold Mobicon’s first 2T to a company in Bendigo, Victoria. They export hay to Japan and actually own both the first and the 30th Mobicon 2T Mini Straddle Carriers. The new owners do agree that the original machine may need a little upgrade work but want to keep it as original as possible, they think our very first Mobicon is brilliant!

20140705_110453     Mobicon 2T Straddle Carrier

Not a single manufactured Mobicon since we started in 1997 has ever been decommissioned, they are all still in use either by their original purchaser or by subsequent clients who have purchased them as second hand models. We’re very proud of the fact that our machines well and truly stand the test of time and although there have been changes and modifications over the years, and the look of the 2T is slightly different these days, our first ever Mobicon 2T more than holds its own!

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