Good as New

Good as New

Over the last few months the Mobicon team in Brisbane Australia has been busy refurbishing old machines as demand has grown for our second hand Straddle Carriers.

Able to provide a ‘good as new’ solution at a much lower cost, a second hand Mobicon can work perfectly as a second machine in your operation, or even a first machine if your container throughput is limited.

In some cases clients who have purchased a brand new Mobicon are so thrilled with it that they want another machine to ‘back up’ their main Straddle Carrier. In this instance, where a lower budget and less work is required from the machine a second hand Mobicon is the perfect solution.

In order to ensure an excellent second hand product there are quite a few steps that a machine must go through in order to be refurbished to our high standards for re-sale. The Mobicons are firstly thoroughly inspected prior to their refurbishment.

The latest modifications are then fitted to ensure that all Mobicons, whether new or second hand, are up to date with any new or changed equipment and parts, and the components are then thoroughly tested. After all of these changes, amendments and testing has been completed the Straddle Carriers are then stripped for painting and rebuilt again meticulously as though they were a new machine. The result is a Mobicon that will give the new owner years of service, for an affordable price.

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