ELME Spreaders – A Welcome Addition

ELME Spreaders – A Welcome Addition

Since the introduction of the ECO TF range in late 2013, we’ve had many clients send us their positive comments about the inclusion of the ELME spreaders into our range.

Mobicon Systems’ newest range of Mini Straddle Carriers – the ECO range, are proving to be extremely popular with benefits including simple configuration, a lower price point than the 2T while still maintaining the unique 8-wheel configuration and the lowest wheel weights in the world.

Some of the new ECO models in the range use a Top Spreader in either fixed 20′ or 40′ of a telescopic 20-40′ and others with the Top Spreader can stack containers two-high.

To ensure the top quality that Mobicon prides itself on, we have partnered with ELME, the largest independent spreader manufacturer in the world. Based in Sweden with operations worldwide, ELME provides historically reliable spreaders and its high quality engineering and manufacturing is present throughout their wide range of spreaders.

These reasons are why Mobicon chose EMLE as the exclusive manufacturer for our new ECO range and we couldn’t be happier with the response.

Spreaders are forced to endure lots of work and only the best will do for our clients. we’re happy to welcome ELME on board and look forward to providing many clients across the globe with the highest quality Mini Straddle Carriers possible.

For more information please contact us at sales@mobiconsystems.com or visit www.mobiconsystems.com



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