Mobicon Straddle Carriers – Where Lighter is Better

Mobicon Straddle Carriers – Where Lighter is Better

When it comes to Straddle Carriers, there are a couple of very important factors that need to be taken into consideration before one can consider using/purchasing one. These factors are safety, total weight, weight distribution and how environmentally friendly they are. Here at Mobicon Systems, we take the guesswork out of all our container straddle carriers and ensure that all these points are effectively addressed.

Safety is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about straddle carriers, and our light-weight straddle carriers are some of the safest you can find. Here’s how we differ:

  • Lower Center of Gravity – Mobicon light-weight straddle carriers are all built for heavy lifting, and seamlessly moving the load from point to point. Our carriers are built to have a lower center of gravity, minimizing the possibility of tipping, unlike your conventional forklifts.
  • Reduced Traffic – By using one of our solutions, you effectively minimize the amount of traffic in the area, since there is no need for any number of forklifts to be moving around to unload. With increased traffic, you also get increased likelihoods of accidents, in this case, less is more.
  • Container Filling & Emptying – Emptying or filling a container is also much safer while the container is on the ground. No need for loading docks or slippery loading ramps.

Not only are our systems safe for the operator and those working close to the carrier, but our light-weight straddle carriers are also safe for your yard! We utilize a unique 8 point load design that spreads the weight over a larger surface area, lessening the chances of your yard being destroyed.  3 & 4 point load straddle carriers can’t be used in regular yards as their wheel weight is too high, requiring increased yard reinforcement to withstand their weight or long term structural damage.

In terms of weight and an eco-friendly design, Mobicon has re-designed the top lifting frame of their two high stacking straddle carrier with Tom Schults stating, “Apart from lowering the use of materials, and thus being more environmentally friendly, we also reduced weight at the top of our straddle carriers”, he also states “A lower weight, especially at the top of the straddle carrier results in lower stresses which extends the life of the structure”.  As a result, there is also a reduction in fuel consumption, again reducing costs plus lowering the environmental footprint. It all helps to make our units more deserving the name of ECO models, which stands for ECOnomical an ECOlogical friendly straddle carriers.

Improving both the safety and the eco-friendliness of our straddle carriers will always be at the top of our to-do list, and that’s why Mobicon Systems is one of the industry leaders worldwide. If you’d like more information on one of our light-weight straddle carriers or if you have any questions, please visit our Contact page.

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