Container Straddle Carrier

The Mobicon is a patented two-tower Gantry Crane or Container Straddle Carrier of unique design.

When no container is being carried, the two towers are connected by draw-bars. When a container is handled, the rear tower carries the rear of the container, and the front tower carries the front of the container. The container then becomes part of the Straddle Carrier structure.

Unlike forklifts or reach stackers, the weight of the container is evenly spread out over the 8 wheels of the Straddle Carrier, resulting in a very low wheel weight.

The Mobicon Straddle Carrier carries containers lengthwise, and a 5 meter laneway is sufficient for transporting them. The Mobicon can also transport containers inside a building or under an awning, as it is only 4 meters high when carrying a container.  It can also load containers on road vehicles, as the lift-height is 1.7 meters.

As the Mobicon Straddle Carrier attaches itself in the side holes of the container corner castings, it can handle all types of containers, including flatbeds, bolsters and half high containers and tank containers.

What Kinds of Companies Use a Mobicon?

Many different kinds of companies can use a Mobicon Straddle Carrier including Logistics industry, e.g. third party logistics providers and transport companies, Importers and exporters, Wine Industry, Food Industry, Dairies, Meat Industry, Grain and Seed Industry, Steel Industry, Chemical Industry, Removalists, Stevedoring, Mining, Building Industry and Customs Departments. Generally they are companies that, with some exceptions, handle between 5 and 200 containers per week.  Some clients who do larger numbers have more than one Mobicon in their yard.

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