Container Gantry

The design of the Mobicon Container Gantry is unique, it is Australian designed and world-wide patents are awarded.

The machine is of a two-tower design and uses the container as a structural component when lifting a load. The result is a 35 tonne capacity, flexible container gantry crane that can lift any form of ISO container from 20’ to 52’, flat beds and over-heights included

How Can a Mobicon Straddle Carrier benefit your company?

The Mobicon provides direct cost savings in materials handling and significant efficiency improvements by placing the container in place where it is needed for efficient packing and unpacking. 
The result is that some clients claim a return on investment in less than one year.

The low-wheel loadings of the Mobicon means it can work on light surfaces, and even on compact gravel.

The low height means that containers can be handled under low awnings, be driven through warehouse doors and even inside buildings.

The Mobicon moves containers on and off trucks and transports these loads safely around sites and over a variety of “unfriendly” surfaces and terrains.

The Mobicon reduces your reliance on transport companies allowing you to independently move containers empty or full without a transport company’s assistance – customers can separate their production/warehousing operations from transport operations, ensuring continued flow of production.

The Mobicon is intrinsically safe, it cannot overturn, and in Australia and most other countries the operators require no special licence.

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