Container Forklift


Searching for a container forklift? Have you considered the Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier?

Achieving the same results with  added benefits (including cheaper price tag) to your container handling operations a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier might be the solution you need.

Unlike forklifts or reach stackers, the weight of the container is evenly spread out over the 8 Point Loads on Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier, resulting in a very low load point, while still allowing you to move containers around your yard or depot in the same fashion as with a forklift.

The relative low purchase price of a Mobicon is also much less than that of a comparative forklift. Significant direct cost savings have been realised by existing customers.

In addition, where a licence is required to drive a forklift, in Australia and most other countries, no license is required to operate a Mobicon*. Like all machinery, training is however required. In most cases a 3 hour training session is sufficient. After that, it is recommended that for the first (say) 50 containers a spotter helps the operater to ensure safe operations.

Unlike container forklift trucks and reach stackers, which have huge Point Loads, Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers can work on most concrete, bitumen, pavers or compacted gravel surfaces. Most surfaces that are suitable for a truck or trailer are suitable for a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier.

*Check local regulations


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