Common Issues with Container Handling Solved!

Common Issues with Container Handling Solved!

When loading / unloading and packing / unpacking containers a company is often reliant on their transport company for hire of trailers and their costs increase as they require trucks to wait while being unloaded before leaving the site. With a Mobicon Straddle Carrier this reliance is removed as the Mobicon allows you to move your containers, whether they are full or not without your transport company’s assistance, freely around your yard. This separates your production and warehousing operations from transport which leads to cost savings through increased flow of production efficiencies and reduced transport costs. The Mobicon Straddle carrier allows you to load your container or container bases on the ground, stopping you from having to load on the back of a trailer.

Often the weather can dictate how effectively and efficiently containers can be packed and unpacked as many reach stackers and forklift varieties are restricted to working outside. The Two-Tower Mobicon Straddle Carrier has the capacity to be driven in all weather conditions and can transport containers through warehouse doors and even inside a building or under an awning as it is only 4 metres high when carrying a container. This allows you to move a container close to where the goods are saving time to load and unload the container while at the same time keeping the goods protected from the elements. Security can also be improved by placing containers inside and locked up.

Ensuring the safety of your team and the product you handle are equally important and the Mobicon two-tower straddle carrier can provide both easily. The Mobicon is intrinsically safe, it cannot overturn. Unlike some forklifts and reach stackers, the Mobicon transports containers at only 300mm (one foot) off the ground and cannot tip over. In addition, with a Mobicon, loading docks, which can be dangerous, are not needed. Further to this, as the Mobicon carries containers low to the ground it provides excellent visibility. The operator has an excellent view of the surroundings from the cabin. Inside the cabin is a CCTV monitor, and 3 cameras are fitted around the straddle carrier. Additionally the operator is safely away from the load while driving and the lack of use of chains ensure no nasty injuries can occur.

An issue with some container handlers is that they are often limited in carrying some types of containers because of their lifting frames. However, as it attaches itself in the side holes of the container corner castings, and its length can be quickly adjusted the Mobicon Straddle carrier can handle any type of ISO container from 20 to 52 foot including tank containers, over-heights, curtain sided containers, flatbeds, bolsters and half high containers. The Mobicon length can also be quickly adjusted to suit any size allowing total flexibility in your operations.

The use of a Mobicon has provided a solution for these and many other issues for our clients world wide.

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