Queensland Magnesia: Case Study

queensland-magnesia use Mobicon for their container handling needsBACKGROUND

Queensland Magnesia in Queensland, Australia operates a magnesite mine at Kunwarara, and a magnesia production facility at Parkhurst in Rockhampton.


At both the mine and the production facility there are typically 150 containers loaded each week. Empty containers are received via road. The empty containers are then removed from the truck using an empty container fork and stored on site until required.

Containers are filled either on the ground, with 20kg/bulk bags, or with bulk product via tipper stands, which angle the containers up for bulk loading.

It is a harsh and dusty site with a yard surface that is hard packed and not level.  A heavy fork was not an option in this case due to the ground surface.

It was vital that the plant be able to maximise the loading window for either rail or export vessels by pre-receiving empty containers and then loading these when and where they were required.  Their ability to meet rail and ship deadlines was critical and reliability was crucial.


After discussions with Mobicon Systems about the solutions their Straddle Carrier could provide Queensland Magnesia implemented a new Mobicon System, which saw them achieve the following:

  • Flexibility in their operation with total control over container movements.
  • Autonomy with their ability to choose how and when outside operators interface with their site.
  • Safety in operation with containers being moved on twist locks, with maximum visibility and only 30cm from the ground.

A second Mobicon augmented the single Mobicon operation in late 2007.

This second machine was necessary to operations not only due to increasing volumes but also as a means to enable container operations to continue whilst a planned maintenance program was implemented.


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