Advantages of a Mobicon over similar machines in Yard Operations

Advantages of a Mobicon over similar machines in Yard Operations

It actually surprises many of our clients to learn that a Mobicon Straddle Carrier can actually improve the productivity of yard operations at the same time as minimizing wear and tear on their yard surfaces unlike other products in the market.

A Mobicon Straddle Carrier differs from similarly used machines like forklift trucks and reach stackers which have large axle loads. These large loads can break up ground surfaces, where the weight of a container being carried by a Mobicon is evenly spread out over the machine’s 8 wheels. This distribution of weight results in very low overall wheel loading which allows the Mobicon Straddle Carrier to work on the same surfaces that are suitable for a truck or trailer in most cases. The advantage here is that the Mobicon should not add to any yard maintenance costs, in fact it can reduce them.

Another Mobicon advantage over other machines is that the Mobicon reduces the reliance you may have on your transport company. With the Mobicon Straddle Carrier you are free to move your containers, while empty or full, independently and without a transport company’s assistance. By separating your production and warehousing operations from your transport operations you can ensure cost savings through increased efficiencies in your flow of production as well as reduced transport costs.

A final advantage of the Mobicon Straddle Carrier over a similar machine is the ability to make your yard operations more environmentally friendly. The Mobicon is the most environmentally friendly container handling solution in the market as it uses less fuel than a large forklift or reach stacker. In addition, its light frame uses less steel during manufacture ensuring your operation has a lower carbon footprint.

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