Why use a Mobicon?

Mobicon Saves Costs by Improving Container Handling Workflow

Major Cost Savings

  • A Mobicon is more cost effective to purchase and maintain than other container handling options like forklifts, reach stackers and large straddle carriers.
  • A Mobicon reduces the waiting time for the transporter, as it takes the container off the truck in minutes.
  • Using a Mobicon eliminates hiring costs for sideloaders/self-loading trailers.

Faster container & product handling

  • Greater flexibility in where you can pack & unpack containers, saving time and resources.
  • Allows you to separate transport from operations, as there is no need to divert staff to unpack/pack a container when a truck arrives.
  • A light-weight straddle carrier allows you to handle the goods when you want, not when the transport company requires it.

Improved Safety

  • Mobicon’s are built for lifting and moving containers, and unlike forklifts have a very low centre of gravity so will not tip over.
  • Reduces traffic in your yard or warehouse, with reduced forklift traffic and reduced risk of accidents.
  • Empty or fill the container on the ground, not from at height. No need for loading docks or slippery loading ramps.

Superior DesignMobicon TF2 Cabin built for dependability

  • No wire ropes: Wire ropes can break, require maintenance and close inspection, and must be replaced regularly.  Mobicon’s do not use wire ropes and sheaves, with all lifting done by hydraulic cylinders. Resulting in less maintenance and greater safety.
  • Very stable: Three wheel straddle carriers have a very small footprint and can easily tip over when on a ramp, or when the load is uneven. The Mobicon four bogey, four axle design is extremely stable.
  • Very manoeuvrableA tight steering angle ensures a small turning circle.
  • Cabin Protected: Mobicon cabins are contained within the width of the unit. This means less chance to damage the cabin, and less space required between containers.
  • Containers guided at every height: The mobicon design eliminates uncontrolled movement. With a Mobicon, the containers are guided at every height, and there is no need to drive with the container fully lifted. It will also save lifting time and fuel.  Carrying loaded containers up high increases stresses in the frame.
  • Containers protected: With a Mobicon, containers do not need to be “jammed” against the ceiling of the unit to stop the containers from swinging, avoiding damage to the container, particularly refrigerated containers.

Mobicon is the ONLY light-weight straddle carrier that won’t damage your yard

  • Mobicon’s unique four axle design is the only light-weight straddle carrier that won’t damage the average yard surface – meaning no large, unexpected large yard repair costs.
  • Two axle straddle carriers can not be used in regular yards as their axle weight is too high, requiring increased yard reinforcement to withstand their weight or long-term structural damage will occur.
  • Don’t be fooled by the concrete ‘looking OK’ – make the wrong choice of light-weight straddle carrier and the damage could go undetected until it works its way to the surface and major repairs (and downtime) are needed.

Let Our Container Handling Experience Help Your Business

Designing and making light-weight straddle carriers is what Mobicon does, we’ve put many years of experience into making our carriers the best on the market. Mobicon is the number one choice of light-weight straddle carrier by the US navy and Australian Customs.

To find out more about Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers, and prices please complete the enquiry form and someone from our team will contact you shortly.



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