Buying a second hand container handler or straddle carrier

Buying a second hand container handler or straddle carrier

A significant part of the Mobicon Systems business is refurbishing used Mobicon mini Straddle Carriers for resale as used models.

Generally these machines have served their purpose for a customer or a customer has upgraded to a newer model etc and therefore Mobicon takes possession of the machine in order to re-sell it.

Prior to re-sale the team at Mobicon systems completely refit the old machine to ensure that it is in excellent working condition. Rigorous testing is then completed prior to offering these machines for sale to the market. Hydraulics are tested and the output of the engine is checked. All mechanical items are checked for tolerances and Electrics for their functions and where needed, upgrades are incorporated.

A client who has a much lower container through put may not want to invest the higher amount necessary to get a new Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier, however they need not be discouraged. They can still access all of the benefits of a Mobicon through a used model. With less pressure on the machine in a business moving fewer containers a used Mobicon can be the perfect addition still allowing you to move your containers around your operation at will. The used Mobicon, just like a new model will remove your reliance on transport companies to load and unload containers from waiting trucks. The used Mobicon 2T, just like a new model will still allow you to bring containers inside warehouses or under awnings to be packed and unpacked and a second hand Mobicon, just like a new model will absolutely still have the lowest wheel weights of any container handler world wide. All of this comes just at a lower price point.

So if you are in need of a container handling solution for a low through put of containers then a used Mobicon mini Straddle Carrier may be the right piece of machinery for you!

For any enquiries on how Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers can solve your container handling equipment needs please contact us:


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